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Amanda Nally


Our managing director, Amanda Nally, thrives on finding solutions in a world she insists is full of challenges rather than problems.

It was her love of diversity that led her to set up Write Answers — combining her favourite tasks to create her perfect job. Starting a business doesn’t seem such a drastic solution when you consider her background.

In 1983 Amanda made her corporate debut at the helm of a pilot Young Enterprise Scheme in Manawatu. That fledgling school business made a profit and the scheme prospered. When, 22-years-later, Amanda presented the marketing segment of a greatly expanded Young Enterprise Scheme she was tickled to find herself addressing 80 Southland secondary school students.

When Amanda moved to Southland in 1987 it was with business degree papers from Massey University under her belt and several years’ experience in the public sector. She continued working in the public sector until 1992 when she left to study journalism. After graduating with merit from the Aoraki Polytechnic in Timaru, she began work for The Southland Times.

Specialising in court and media law, she spent a large chunk of the next decade immersed in crime before striking out on her own in a freelance career.

She’s a believer in empowering others and, since keeping things simple comes naturally, she’s a great teacher. Amanda’s tutored in media law, media management and marketing through SIT, NZIM and the Young Enterprise Scheme.

She co-founded a successful PR and marketing practice in Southland in 2003 that formed the basis of Write Answers.

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