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“Write Answers have certainly been all that and more for Stabicraft. We used to think advertising and publicity were one and the same but with their help we’ve been able to capitalise on free media to enhance our reputation in New Zealand and abroad – and our market share has followed. In project managing a marketing DVD and a brochure that’s fit for coffee table consumption, Write Answers have given us tools that reflect the professionalism of our product. They’re an integral part of our marketing strategy and one of the reasons behind our ongoing success.”

— Paul Adams, managing director, Stabi-Craft Marine


“Amanda’s consistently given us the help we knew we needed – like advertising and sale catalogues – and the stuff we didn’t know we needed – like media releases that got our stock front-page coverage. It’s the sort of publicity they say money can’t buy but it turns out canny PR can organise it.”

— Tom May, Mayfield Elk Farm


"When the Mataura Licensing Trust decided to capture its 50 year history, it wanted an organisation that was professional, efficient and reliable, yet small enough to deliver a personal approach. Fortunately it found the perfect people in Write Answers. Amanda and Kate have been a pleasure to work with, their outstanding professionalism making it all seem easy for us. They did the hard yards, taking the ideas, anecdotes and ramblings of present and past players in the trust's history and turning it into a cracking good read that blends historical fact with the many voices of real MLT stalwarts. The MLT has received considerable positive feedback since the publication of After Moonshine and would have no hesitation in employing Write Answers' talent and skills in the future."

— John Wyeth, general manager, MLT

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