Write Terms

Terms of Engagement


As professional communicators with extremely high work standards, we’re as committed as you are to getting top results in all work we do for you.

To get the best out of us, we need the best from you.

The following outlines important information about our terms of business and what you can expect when you engage Write Answers Ltd.


An account manager will be appointed to oversee all your dealings with Write Answers. That means you'll always have a single point of reference, although, for reasons of expertise, on a day-to-day basis other staff may be working on your projects.


We'll send you a written summary, in effect, a mini project brief, before we start work so you can be confident we're clear about what needs to be achieved. That will be accompanied by an estimate of our fees based on expected material and labour costs. Our estimates assume clients are motivated about the project and will be supplying information and signing off various stages within the agreed timeframes. We undertake from the outset to inform you as soon as possible if an estimate is likely to be exceeded.


Once you make payment you're the exclusive owner of the final work. However, all preparatory material (sketches, draft concepts, artwork, computer files, etc.) remains the property of Write Answers.

Working arrangements

Generally speaking, each project has two equal components; it’s up to you to tell us your product specifications and set your market objectives and, of course, the budget. We'll provide creative and conceptual approaches, as well as management and production expertise if that's required.


It’s up to you, the client, to check all material for accuracy and sign it off before the production phase.


Honesty is the only policy in communication and public relations and we need you to be honest with us as your communication advisers. In return, we undertake to keep what we learn about your business confidential. That means we won't be telling anyone about your business without your express permission.


Our fees will be charged either on a project basis, for which the estimate will be provided before work begins or, where that is impractical - for example, crisis management - on an hourly rate charged in quarter-hour units. Actual costs incurred - for example, toll calls - will be itemised separately in invoices. In some situations, Write Answers Ltd may require a retainer or deposit to be paid before beginning work.


Clients will be billed either on the project’s completion or at the end of each month. All bills are payable within 14 days from the date of invoice. Clients with queries about their account should contact their account manager as soon as possible, and certainly within the 14-day period. If the account remains unpaid after 21 days, penalty interest at the rate of 2 per cent a month will be charged on any outstanding amount. In addition, the client will be liable for any costs, fees or disbursements incurred by Write Answers Ltd in collecting money owed.

Terms and Termination

These terms will form the basis of all work we do for you. Either party can end the relationship at any time, although clients will still be responsible for payment of any work completed and costs incurred until that time.


Your approval of the [project summary and its attached pricing signals your acceptance of our terms of business.